We are the solution for the digitalization of small business and restaurants

Cuiico Tools is the strategic partner for retail and hospitality digitalization. We have designed and developed different digital tools (SAAS Software - Software As a Service) that propose solutions to different online landing problems.

Our goal is to help local stores and restaurant owners, our clients, to create and manage their ecommerce platform in an easy and simple way.

Our way of working is focused on feeling part of the team. We take care of the technological part so you can focus on your own clients and sales.

The development of our own software allows us to adapt it to your needs, modulating our service.

We open and maintain close and constant communication by solving your doubts, offering you a solution so you can do what you do best: sell.

¿Why CUiiCO tools?

+  Our own innovative technology
+  Prepartization that allows fast implementation
+  Customizable design
+  Constant support throughout the process
+  Customer service post installation



Local economy development

The platform puts shops and restaurants in contact with customers, through new technologies and the digitalization of the sectors involved.


Digitalize your business in a simple way

Our solutions allow you to quickly and easily create a site with everything you need to be able to sell online, allowing you to reach new audiences and new markets.


Complete solution

Our marketplace tool has the payment gateway and logistics integrated. So each seller can be dedicated to what you know best: selling!


Cross selling

Customers can access a wide catalog of online stores on the same platform that serves as a showcase of unique proposals grouped in a single initiative.

What is the final product like?

Success stories

Todo está en Madrid

"Todo está en Madrid" is the commercial and hospitality directory of the city of Madrid. A very powerful tool that allows the user to find the shops, cafés and restaurants in the city, geolocating them on the map, creating routes and organizing commerce by areas and typologies.

Para el comercio, es la herramienta perfecta para tener presencia en el directorio institucional, que le permite, además, incluir su propio canal ecommerce si ya lo tiene activo.

Cómete Madrid

Cómete Madrid is the marketplace of the AMER Hospitality Association. It includes its member restaurants, allowing them to have a powerful personalized reservation engine for each business on a website, view their menu and gastronomic offer and add photos and videos, in addition to contact and address information.

The homepage of the marketplace allows highlighted news, restaurant typology sections creation, and editorial content in a news feed.


The footwear brand Sebago was looking for a digital solution to be able to articulate its online store. An easy-to-use tool that does not require prior programming knowledge. What they obtained, in addition to all that, was two more problems solved: the payment gateway and the messaging service, since CUiiCO Tools have reached agreements with different payment platforms, as well as with different delivery services to send their purchases to your customers.




A very useful and easy to manage tool, ideal for cities and institutions.

A platform that provides multilevel solutions: the user will find a digital store guide; the promoters, a commercial aggregator; and the stores and hotels, an online sales channel, loyalty and reservation channel. The most complete option for institutions and large corporations.

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A solution for retail and hospitality groups or associations

The CUiiCO marketplace allows you to create an ecommerce for each establishment, which can automatically be added to one or more marketplaces, a "store of stores". The immediate consequence is that it activates sales and boosts table reservations in the different establishments.

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For those who need a website that serves as an ecommerce or reservations channel.

This option allows to generate individual websites adapted to the specific needs of each business. The stores have a simple and intuitive dashboard that allows them to publish their ecommerce products. Restaurants can publish their menus and their booking options.

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