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What is it?

The directory is a platform that functions as a digital showcase for physical stores. In this directory, a breakdown of all subscribed establishments will appear, organized by areas and commercial typologies.

In addition, it allows the online sales channel or booking engine of each establishment to be located within the file of each establishment.

How does it work?

It is a simple tool that allows the development of a digital commercial guide for each organization that requires it.

It automatically boosts the promotion of the local commercial network and facilitates the digitalization of establishments. The directory has a web structure that is very easy to manage.

Directory functionalities

+  CMS Content Management System
+  Ecommerce Iframe
+  Routes generation
+  Database import / export
+  Geolocation with Google Maps
+  Responsive design
+  Contact form

+  News blog
+  Broad categorization
+  Security copy
+  Contact form
+  Suscription
+ Monitoring and consulting

in data

+ 9.000 registered businesses
+ 1.700 users
+ 1.600.000 visits

Success stories

En San Lorenzo lo tienes

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in its interest in boosting commerce in its municipality, has created its own directory with CUiiCO Tools, which involves not only businesses and the hotel and restaurant industry, but also various companies that operate in the area. This has also helped them to create a communication channel with relevant news, which allows them to reach the citizens in a direct way.

Red de comercios por la diversidad

Diversa Global has created "Red de Comercios por la Diversidad", a network of establishments that plays a fundamental role in supporting local and proximity commerce, understanding it as dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the population. Red de Comercios understands the promotion of a diversified commercial offer and the support to local business as the main axis of economic development.

Todo está en tu ciudad

Our directory aggregator. Because in addition, all the directories we create, have the option to appear on this website, so that the user can find them, not only through their own URL, but also through a larger and global concept. It is a way to be united in support of the commercial and hospitality structure of the cities and organizations that create their directory with us.

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